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English Introduction
English Introduction

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the Book Discussions with Mirjam Morad and
the Jury of Young Readers!

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English Introduction

Welcome on the Website of the Jury of Young Readers!

Click here and read more about
the Book Discussions with Mirjam Morad and
the Jury of Young Readers!

Interesting Facts
The Jury of Young Readers developed out of the 'Book Discussions with Mirjam Morad', which have been held at the Literaturhaus since 1993 for young people from 9/10 to 17/18 years of age.The Jury awarded their first Book Prize in 1995.

The Jury of Young Readers and the Book Discussions are parallel and interdependent projects: the Book Discussions form the basis from which the young jurors are chosen - and the award ceremony and other events in turn motivate and inspire other young people to join the book discussions. The meetings take place every two weeks from September to June. The Jury is made up of the most dedicated participants in the book discussions from ages 11 to 17. Most of the members continue to be on the jury up to six or seven times until they finish high school. The Jury gives young people the chance to voice their opinions about books and is a forum for literature for young readers. In addition it demonstrates their ability for critical analysis.

Mission and Goals
It is Mirjam Morad's concern to spread the notion that reading books and discussiong them is fun and to inspire a critical analysis of their content, language, and style. In addition to sharing their opinions about the books and topics that are relevant to our world with the other group members the participants get an overview of the most important new releases and developments in the field of books for young readers.
They get to know authors from all over the world and their writings, discover new impulses and tendencies in literature, improve their critical analyzing and discussion skills, and learn how to express themselves.

The Awards
The Jury of Young Readers annually awards a
  • Picture Book Award (since 2006)
  • Children's Book Award
  • Award for the Best Book for Young People
  • Critic Award
  • Award for the Best Cover (since 2005)
The Children's Book Award is awarded by a jury of 11/12 and 12/13 year olds. Usually Jury members help choose the best children's book twice before they go on to award the prize for the best book for young people.
The Award for the Best Book for Young People is bestowed by young readers aged 13/14 to 15/16, who can participant in the selection process for up to 4 or 5 consecutive years. There is also the possibility of two seperate juries representing different age groups deciding on their award .
The Critic Award is awarded by Jurymembers from 16 up 18 (20)

The Awards by the Jury of Young Readers are presented in the form of a diploma and are unendowed and symbolic awards. The award winners are invited to Vienna, and there are readings and discussions.
The chairmanship is held by Mirjam Morad, who does not herself have a vote.

Selection Process
The Jury reads and discusses the books from the List of Selected Books, usually between twenty and fourty titles.
After the Prize awarding. at the beginning of the summer holydays everybody gets together in Mirjam Morad's library an choose  new releases for reading and at the beginning of the schoolyear the members of the Jury go through the first part of the selection process. Mirjam Morad gives the jury members the chance to be part of the choosing process. The various groups then choose the books that seem interesting to them. Books that don't appeal to them are eliminated.
Then the List of Selected Books are compiled and requests are sent to the publishers for eight to ten copies of each book selected.
In this way the young people participate in the decision as to which books should be discussed and some of them pre-read titles to see if they are suitable. During the course of the year new fall releases and books that were overlooked at the beginning are added to the lists.

Selection Criteria
In the book discussions each book is rated on a scale of 0 to 10; the minutes of the meetings are kept and made available to the publishers as feed-back. The most recommandable books are included in the List of the Best Books.
In April the Jury members compile a list of nominated books from the entire pool of books that have been read and discussed, which will sometimes differ from the original ratings in the early book discussions.
The third and final selection is made in Jury meetings at the beginning of May, using the list of nominated books. If more than one book deserves the award the jury may choose the bestow two awards in the same category but in this case the books should appeal to different age groups or deal with quite different topics.

Only new releases (original German language books or translations into Geman) published during the preceding year are eligible for the awards. Biographies are eligible but non-fiction and anthologies are excluded.

Presentation of Awards
The awards are presented in the Literaturhaus at the end of every school year in June. Award-winners, translators, publishers, librarians, literary critics and others involved in educating young people about literature as well as the interested public are invited. The festive ceremony is also a celebration of the end of a year of book discussions, the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer holidays. The ceremony is open to the public and school classes are especially invited.

Members of the Jury
Alina Schnieder (since 2004)
Anna Ferschl (since 2005)
Bika Sibila Rebek Huemer (since 1998)
Greta Egle (since 2000)
Katharina Pech (since 2000)
Kristina Zboray (since 2002)
Lea Kern (since 2004)
Lena Samek (since 2001)
Lena Schmitdkunz (since 2005)
Lina Bittner (since 2004)
Lisa Hlawaty (since 2004)
Lola (since 2005)
Marlene Eisinger (since 2005)
Rebecca Salat (since 2005)
Resi Schlemmer (since 2005)
Rica Holer (since 2005)
Ronja Woloszczuk (since 2003)
Sara Schausberger (since 1995)
Tamara Pilz (since 2004)
Tanja Samek (since 2003)
Teresa Maier (since 2003)

Ehemalige Jurymitglieder
Alice Hundsdorfer (2000-2003)
Andreas Windisch (1998-2001)
Anita Sanika (1999)
Anna Gutt (2002)
Anna Maria Rombach (1997-1999)
Anna Pech (2000-2001)
Antonia Maedel (2000-2003)
Benita Bauer (2000-2003)
Birgit Krist (1995)
Carolina Blaha (2000-2003)
Catharina Berzé (2000-2002)
Christian Steiner (1998-200)
Christopher Chiu (2002-2003)
Clarissa Chroma (2002)
Cornelia Ollinger (2001)
Dragana Najdanovic (2001)
Emil Rennert (1998)
Esther-Claudia Micskey (1996)
Gregor Turecek (1998-2000)
Isabella Schuster (1999)
Jakob Rott (1998-1999)
Janina Jonas (2000-2003)
Johanna Berki (2000-2003)
Johanna Glaser (2001)
Johanna Kurz (2001)
Judith Windisch (1998-1999)
Julia Schmachtel (2000-2002)
Katharina Röggla (1996-1998)
Katharina Sporrer (2000-2004)
Katharina Steiner (1995-1996)
Katja Turecek (1997-1998)
Katrin Nossek (1996)
Kira Stachowitsch (1996-1999)
Lea Rennert (1995-1998)
Magdalena Mazal (2000-2001)
Maria Czuray (1995-2001)
Maria Dolna-Schuchter (2001)
Maria Schreiber (1995-1999)
Maria Zwerger (2000-2003)
Mercedes Kornberger (2000-2002)
Mirjam Rott (1995-1996)
Natalie Baharav (1999-2003)
Nikolaus Rössner (2001)
Paul Schrage (2003)
Raissa Ndoumou (1996)
Rebecca Roth (2002)
Regina Schneider (1996-1997)
Ruth Bendl (1995-2001)
Ruth Wenzl (1995-1999)
Sandra Gabler (1995-1997)
Solmaz Engelhardt (1997)
Steffi Pavlovic (1995)
Thomas Schaffer (1998)
Ursula Jost (1995-1997)
Vazul Litkey (1999)
Veronica Weyrer (2001-2003)
Veronika Zwerger (1995-1999)
Zoe Garscha (1995-1996)

Special thanks to the publishers for the books supplied!

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